Pedro Rosario’s Bio

I am a native of New York City. I attended Taylor University in Upland, Indiana where I made the two most important decisions of my life. First I met the Lord and secondly my wife, Robin. I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior. I have been blessed to be able to grow spiritually with the support of friends and my Robin. I have been married 30 years and have two children, Parker 19 years old and Arianna 18 years old. I hold a Master’s degree from Western Michigan University. We attend Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh North Carolina. I have served as a Sunday school teacher for pre-marital, as well as, young married couples and as a Deacon. I also serve as a Money Map Budget Coach, Life Group Leader, Career Direct Consultant and a Journey to True Financial Freedom Seminar instructor.pedros-picture

While at Taylor the seeds of stewardship were planted in my heart. My wife and I decided to prepare and live on a budget. We paid off our school loans from our undergraduate within 10 months of graduation. Looking back, living as good stewards was the leading of the Holy Spirit since neither of our parents taught us to be good managers of money. My personal interest in being a good steward has extended me into taking investment courses, preparing taxes for H and R Block, and teaching finances to young married couples.

Early in our marriage, my wife and I attended a Ron Blue video series and were hooked. This is where I found a passion for finances. I have attended several Christian Financial Concept seminars and listened to the “How to Manage Your Money” radio show. I have always enjoyed teaching and assisting people with their finances. Looking back over my career, God has been preparing me to serve Him in a financial ministry. After much prayer with my wife, we both came to the same conclusion that the Lord was leading us to step out in faith and be part of Crown Financial Ministries.

I have served with Crown for the last 16 years.