Career Direct Consultant Training

I will be hosting several online trainings for individuals who are interested in getting re-certified as Career Direct Consultants.   The training will be at your own daily pace with weekly video calls with the group for 4 weeks. We will be starting several groups during January 2019.

The on-line Career Direct Consultant Training is:

  • CONVENIENT: an online course that you can access any time using any device that connects to the Internet
  • FLEXIBLE: self-paced, meaning you decide how and when it fits into your busy schedule
  • PERSONAL: you will have a personal trainer who is equipped to make sure you succeed
  • CHALLENGING: because of the life changing foundation of Career Direct, the training process is both extremely rewarding and rigorous
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR: don’t guess on what the next steps are! The training process is simple, and easy to follow

The cost to get re-certified is $250.00!  If you charge the going rate of $250.00 per assessment you will be able to recoup the cost of the training.

The Online Career Direct Consultant Training includes:

  • Career Direct Trainer & Personal Consultation
  • 7 Sessions (Video & Live)
  • Marketing materials to help you grow your network

We are also doing consultations online, so we no longer have distance as an obstacle.

If you are interested in being part of any trainings in the next several months, please send me an email at Pedro Rosario.

If you are interested in registering for a training, please check out Career Direct Registration.  Use discount code “50off” when you register to receive the $250.00.