Career Direct

What is Career Direct®?

Career Direct ® is a revolutionary consultation based assessment system that combines biblical principles of talent stewardship with cutting-edge career guidance technology and statistics. Career Direct ®has 20+ years of development and has been rigorously tested and validated for accuracy. Nearly 200,000 clients, including adults and students, have benefited from Career Direct ® .

Career Direct has been designed with global application in mind. Currently, the tool can be utilized in eighteen languages to take the assessment and to produce the Detailed Report. Each Detailed Report is systemically laid out in an easy to read format. There are also additional resources to assist clients in research of educational and career fields that fit their unique design as laid out in the Detailed Report.

How is Career Direct ® unique?

It is one of the few assessment tools that approach career guidance from a biblical perspective while focusing on four key dimensions of a person’s design–Personality, Interests, Skills, and Values. Many career guidance assessments cover only one or two of these areas. Career Direct® was developed to incorporate all four dimensions into the full profile Detailed Report.

Career Direct ®

  • The assessment can be completed in about an hour
  • The Detailed Report is thirty-four pages
  • Career Direct Consultants have been specifically and carefully trained to assist their clients through a full 3 day training program
  • Career Direct, currently, has active consultants in 47 nations
  • Career Direct has been psychometrically developed and is statistically verifiable and reliable; a seventy page Research and Development Manual is available to the public for review
  • Career Direct is priced according to each nation’s economy; and some of the strongest nations that are utilizing Career Direct are South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Poland, The United States, and Malawi


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If you would like to ask additional questions or take the Career Direct Assessment, send an email to Pedro Rosario