MoneyLife Indicator for Churches, Organizations and Businesses

Churches, Organizations, Businesses

  1. What benefits will my congregation/organization/business receive by doing the assessment?

    It is invaluable for you as a leader to understand the beliefs and behaviors that drive the people in your congregation or organization.  This assessment will empower you with knowledge about their specific needs, based on the 9 areas of stewardship. You will also be able to analyze and understand those needs according to the unique demographics of your congregation or organization.

  2. How do I survey my entire congregation/organization/business with the MoneyLife Indicator?

    A trained MoneyLife Indicator Consultant can assist you with a church-wide or organization-wide survey. The trained Consultants will recommend statistical sampling thresholds and methods to achieve optimal participation. They will also work closely with your leadership team to interpret the assessment results and develop a strategic action plan. To be connected with a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant, please CONTACT US.

  3. How much does the assessment cost for my congregation/organization/business?

    The cost of the assessment for your congregation or organization will be based on the number of individuals surveyed. A trained MoneyLife Indicator Consultant will work with you to determine the final price for the actual assessment, as well as the corresponding analysis.

  4. Will the report for my organization or congregation be anonymous?

    Yes. The congregational/organizational assessment, which includes the corresponding Trend Report, is 100% anonymous.

  5. If our scores are low and we want to improve, what are our next steps?

    There are a few avenues available to you. Your MoneyLife Indicator Consultant will recommend resources based on the specific results of your survey. You then have the option to purchase one or more of the resources recommended by the Consultant. Another alternative is to utilize Crown Connect to access Crown curriculum that will address the areas of need identified by the survey.