MOPS of SMC: We are so thankful that you were willing to come and share your wisdom!  We are forever grateful!  Thank you so much for blessing us.

Larry: I just wanted to say thank you once again for all of the ministry support that you provide.  I really appreciate the type and depth of instructions/counsel that you so generously provide.  I also appreciate the fact that you are readily accessible and available to serve.  What a blessing to this church and to my ministry here.  I continue to pray for you and your family, especially Robin….

Rev. Robert: “I was truly challenged in my own area of personal stewardship. The information that was shared was educational and shared in such a way that I could fully grasp and implement the materials. After this seminar I now feel much more confident in my own ability to share with others these great and simple ways to bring one’s personal finances into a more Christ-honoring reflection. I would recommend this seminar to every minister, layman and non-believer.”

The Murray’s:  After meeting the first time, we have already seen a $300 dollar difference in our budget. We have gone from a place of fear and worry in our finances. to a place of freedom and peace.

Cynthia Wade: Pedro Rosario’s shared his own life experience throughout the course while teaching us the Crown Financial principles. it was extremely inspiring to hear how he overcame his own financial struggles, and to hear about his successes. His manner of facilitating is very patient, kind and non-judgemental while exploring the various stages of financial crisis that each of the participants were experiencing. Its difficult to open up and share about something so personal as one’s finances, but it is well worth the investment of time, money and energy to have a healthy relationship with the money that God has placed me in charge of.

Personal Testimonies from students taking the Career Direct Assessment High School Class

(Students names not provided for this class from 2018)

This class was helpful to me by showing me potential careers and looking at it from a christian view.  Also the personality test was so spot on and I learned to a elevator speech.

This class has provided a great point of view on both my own personality and the possible career opportunities that could possibly interest me.  Though only a semester long, this class further explained the need for Christ and putting Christ first when choosing a career. Learning how to converse in an elevator speech fashion has expanded my knowledge on how to present myself well during an interview.

This class was helpful for determining potential jobs in the future.  I learned a lot about choosing the right career based on several factors, and not just one or tow.  Also hearing about problems with choosing the wrong career was helpful.

This class was interesting and helpful.  It discussed somethings that I had not thought about before.  Though Mr. Rosario can be intimidating, he is also kind and helpful.

Andrew:  This was very helpful because I learned so much about the process of finding the correct career for me.  By the end of the activity, I had a very clear idea of what career I would eventually like to achieve.  …

Alicia:  I enjoyed the career assessment class very much.  I learned a lot about myself and learned valuable life skills, like how to create a resume, how to give an elevator speech and how to make a linked-in profile.  … Group discussions were very beneficial because I got to hear others opinions.

Amelia: Throughout the span of this activity  I have learned a lot about myself and how to make wise career decisions.  … I enjoyed this activity overall.  …

Isabel:  The assessment was interesting and very helpful.  Recommend for everyone 100%!!!!!!!

Mercy:  I think that the class helped me to realize how many possible careers there are.  I was confused at times as to how I should choose my career, if I should choose it based on the income or based on my interest …

Hanna:  This class has effectively equipped me for going into the workplace/having a career in the future.  It has taught information and skills necessary to being successful and has given me a better understanding of my strengths, abilities and possible career paths.